Friday, May 30, 2008

New Bird Poop War?

Is a new war over bird poop on the horizon? As recently reported in the New York Times guano has recently returned to its rightful state of valuable natural resource. With the rising cost of synthetic fertilizer and the growing demand for organic foods, mining guano has suddenly become economically viable. The always-ready-to-shovel-poop Peruvians have swung into action to grab their share of the poop swag.
With Peru in on the action and Chile probably looking to ramp up its production, will Bolivia revive its claim to the pooplands and charge to the coast with shovels in hand? The country already marks its defeat in the War of the Pacific by hurling invective at the hated Chileans every year on March 23. They even call the holiday "The Day of the Sea" to remind themselves of what they have lost. The name has an ominous ring. It would be as if Mexico celebrated "The Day of Los Angeles" every year. So it's can't really be much longer before the Bolivians take their own rhetoric seriously and make a grab for gobs of poop. After all, as we know, Stupid Wars are hard to end.


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